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Impartial, Standardised Electricity Transactions.

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The Independent Energy Pool is a business to business energy pool, allowing energy users and energy traders to buy & sell electricity. IEP's ecosystem allows transacting of electricity in a balanced and standardised environment. The pool incorporates the ability to trade renewable energy certificates, as well as tracking and reporting ESG criteria.

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An online marketplace for electricity trading for everyone.

IEP for Off-Takers
  • Audit your energy consumption without charge
  • Negotiate the best price
  • Minimise your risk in the sourcing process
  • Align with your sustainability targets
IEP for Generators
  • Mitigated buyer default risk
  • Improved access to finance through standardisation
  • Access qualified customers
  • Introduction of own customers
IEP for Brokers
  • Onboard your client portfolios
  • Develop a new revenue stream
  • Integrated ESG reporting
  • Mitigated buyer default risk
IEP for Traders
  • Onboard your current generators and off-takers
  • Mitigate buyer default risk
  • De-risked transactions due to standardisation

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IEP is a fully integrated, electronic marketplace where generators can sell electricity to existing qualified customers.

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