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An online marketplace for electricity trading

IEP is designed to accommodate a wide array of off-takers and generators.

The marketplace offers transparent and cost-efficient trading of energy in different sub-markets. It does not involve an intermediary, thereby allowing direct and cost-efficient trading of electricity, which is agnostic to generation technologies.

IEP's unique, proven and integrated RfP process allows an off-taker to efficiently procure their specific electricity consumption profile, as well as associated requirements, such as Environmental, Social and Governance aspects and Renewable Energy Certificates.

This targeted approach is possible, due to the supply-side analysis and energy modelling technologies of IEP, which determine the best mix of generation assets for the off-taker. The process is completely transparent and adheres to defined procurement regulations, within the related legal and regulatory frameworks.

IEP allows generators to access qualified off-takers and the ability to transact in a secure environment.

IEP has established a Book of Rules to govern the marketplace. The Book of Rules is an ecosystem, which provides a set of globally accepted transaction standards, inclusive of country specific supplements and a conciliation procedure, to allow for regulatory changes. The legal and regulatory terrain, within which all its customers function, is incorporated in the ecosystem.

Through the implementation of an operating system (fully owned proprietary information), IEP offers a secure environment in which to transact:

  • Secure document repository with full audit trail;
  • Data stored on servers, complying to the Tier III redundancy standard;
  • The software provider's guarantee of 99.8% availability, with industry-standard information, security management and disaster recovery processes;
  • Unified contract flow;
  • Fully integrated accounting, billing and treasury functions;
  • A backbone capable of operating in emerging markets with limited connectivity.

Alongside the trading of energy, IEP has an integrated sustainability reporting tool, which measures the procurement criteria.

The Independent Energy Pool is the ideal marketplace to securely buy or sell energy, in a cost-efficient and transparent manner.

RFP for the supply of electricity to customers. Register in the market and start trading.

Our Team

Holger Janke


Vinni Bellini


Anthony Smith


Dr Melani De Lima

Global Markets

Ian Langridge

Sales EUIG

Claudine van de Venter


Stephen Coupe

Strategic Sales

Olivia Taylor

Impact Business Analyst